August 21, 2018




What do you use black markers for in your day to day activities ?
Creating stickers, drawing, developing letterforms and writing on all sorts of surfaces when the opportunity arises.

What brands or particular markers do you currently prefer for studio use when producing letterforms and artwork ? 

My favourite black markers to use are either Brush Tip or Chisel Tips with a good rich quality of regular black ink. When i’m using brush markers I love using a flex nib, which allows me to control the line widths by adjusting the pressure. I like having a variety of the same marker – some heavily used some not – to create consistency, or different visual effects due to ink fading and wear.


What are some of the first black markers you used, or black marker memories you may have ?

My earliest memories of black markers would definitely be of my father when he was working as a carpenter on film sets. He would use a Sanford Magnum 44 and all different types of Sharpies to mark wood and any other surfaces. Most likely the reason I love markers so much ! Black ink runs through my blood !

Where is the best place in Toronto to find markers ? What other cities have you visited and found good black markers ?

I try to dig deep, I enjoy looking through random stores that are off the beaten path. My favourite place to look for markers would definitely be Japan. I’m  heading back to Tokyo this November to get another chance to explore again ! My first time in the Bay Area I was introduced to the Chartpak Super Black marker which automatically changed my life ! I seriously can not go one day without using one !

What characteristics and features would a bespoke NurseyQ black marker have ? Is there any marker brand you’d like to collaborate with ?

The perfect NurseyQ Marker would have a Hard Brush tip on one side and the other side would be a Tri Tip chisel. It would have my Nursey Q handstyle on the barrel as branding. I’d love to collaborate with Chartpak to make a Jumbo Super Black Chisel Marker too though !


Where do you keep your marker collection ? How do you store and sort your collection ?

I keep my vintage markers in clear bins. All my other markers are in shoe boxes and in cups and drawers and…well black markers are pretty much all over the house !


Top 5 Favourite black markers ?

Working on sending some Nurseyq items of various work over to my friend Handstyler to have some work available on his site –  WWW.HANDSTYLER.COM

I’d love to prepare an exhibition of work in Toronto, and continue to do more large scale work around the city.